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Frankie & Cody are HoH!

Where are you feeds?!

I want to see who wins HoH!


Plot twist: Devin is his own daughter 


I wish I knew what happened last night.
The bomb squad blew up?
Please elaborate!!! I need to know!!!

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Cody and Brittany, July 1, 6:28am BBT

  • Brittany: I think Frankie and Zach are gonna have a showmance
  • Cody: I'll tell you this, but please don't say anything. I swear to god, I'll know it was you, please don't tell anyone because I've kept this in. But he (Zach) came up to me when we were at the photo thing, and he was like, "Bro, I wanna fuck Frankie." I was like what?
  • Brittany: Yeah, at the photo thing, he was looking at Frankie, he was looking him up and down and was like, "You're making my dick hard." And me and the girls were like what?
  • Cody: This was day 2, me and Zach hadn't talked much till then. And he just said, "Bro, I don't know, I just wanna fuck Frankie so bad, he is turning me on so much right now." And I didn't know if he just like, hadn't come out yet.

(Source: son-ofa-mumford)

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